Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Head Games

Having blocked out the primary colors on the plasma annihilator, I decided to take a look at the titan's head and start work there.

These first pics show the state of the head yesterday, before renovations. It's kind of weird and I was never too happy with it. Some kind of banner that looks like a beard, some rivets, an eye...

Drawing inspiration from Forgeworld's recent knight and titan heads, I started building up a frame around the features for armor plates.

This way the broken plates will reveal some of the corruption behind the helmet in a less heavy-handed way.

I'll have an odd number of "eyes," either staying with the one optic lens (similar to the blight drone), or going up to three.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Fight or Fright: The Musical

These post titles make no sense. For some reason this is the hardest place to talk about what I'm working on. Since the new work (as of 2016) on the titan project, I've made a point to  cross-post here, Warseer, and the Heresy 30K forums.

Warseer is where this project started, and I was surprised when I saw the date of the first post, 7-22-2009. That feels like a lifetime ago.

So yeah, it all started on the Warseer project logs. It was a great community, and I was sad to watch myself fall away. Since the new work, I'm surprised that some of the old guard are still there, quick to offer feedback. Strangers Friends I will likely never meet in person, scattered throughout the world. Such a strange feeling.

I have also included the Heresy 30K forum in my triad of cross-posting sites. These are guys that play a different game, and the community there is a strange beast. It's a closed forum, as in you can't even see the posts without registering an account. I don't really understand that.

The Heresy 30K community is a tight-nit and very supportive crowd, drawn together by their love of a cool story, balanced game, and amazing miniatures. The whole lot of them are so pumped up. I love their energy.

These cross-posts are taking on a life of their own. The pictures I post are the same in all three places, but the language I use is becoming specific to each community.

I post here for myself. I need a place to reflect on all this. It's a neutral locale for what I hope is honesty.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Indescribable Adjectives of Nountown

Painting progress on the plasma annihilator is coming along.

My world has changed so much since the start of this project. I have kids. Responsibilities. Adult things. So much time has passed since then and now, I feel like I'm collaborating with a ghost. An echo of the past.

Who am I building this for? The game, Warhammer 40k, has gone through several iterations. Our gaming clubs have waxed and waned like the tides. People move away, grow up, change. The Internet community feels like it's changed as well. Maybe less cohesive? Still as indignant, indulgent, and insulated though. Like any other interest group, I would think.

I may be building this just for myself. To fulfill my end of a bargain against an implacable adversary. And as a courtesy to those who have provided support and encouragement through the years.

My life has been molded into such a strange state. Through triumphs and (literally) crippling trials, something new emerged. Maybe hope? It pushes forward, one small step at a time. I, drowning, grab that line and hold on for dear sweet life. 

Thank you, for being what you are. I hang on because you hang on. Though I've thrown in the towel many times, you stand your ground. Push or pull me up again. One. Step. Two. Step. Thr---

Friday, May 13, 2016

Doors, Doors, Doors, and Titan

We've been brainstorming a game table that can support multiple titans, have plenty of room for multiple players and their armies to maneuver, and be able to accommodate a 2-day battle with models securely in place overnight.

In a stroke of good fortune this week I ended up with four sliding door panels that may fit the bill. These panels measure 24"x 80" and appear to be up for the job.

I have several sawhorses for redundant support, but they may lower the tabletop a few inches compared to a standard table. 

I brought the titan out to see how the beefed-up plasma annihilator is looking. This was a good, sneaky way to procrastinate from painting.

I'm actually looking forward to starting renovations on the torso and head, considering how well progress seems to be going on the primary weapon arms.

And finally a dramatic angle to usher in the weekend.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Swervingly Bellicose Ruminations

Today I had some anxiety issues early on. The new meds my psychiatrist prescribed seem to work, but are taking too long to kick in. Regardless: Spray paint. Plasma Annihilator. Seems okay.

This morning I scored some door panels that the neighbor had left out for the garbage men.

Door panels are awesome. I've got FOUR of them, all with the same dimensions, which is rare.

I'm done talking about door panels. You've earned a reprieve. No more door talk for now.



Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meanwhile & Wean-Mile

My days are foggy. Sleepwalking through to lunch. Glaring into the fridge, the microwave. A furtive glance at the coffee pot. Is it time for afternoon coffee yet?

The kids go quiet every few minutes. My parental gland twitches and I look over to make sure everyone's still breathing. Usually there's a squawk, a staccato drumming of little feet on linoleum, the plaintive wail of a wronged party. Something to sort out. A snap judgement. Weak alibis all around. Wronged parties. More squawking a moment later.   

By instinct I feel for my phone. It must always be in reach. We are not the savages of bygone days. Where is it? Stomping with efficient indignation from room to room. Find the phone. Where? Why?

My meals are often the leavings from the kids' plates. Maybe a chicken nugget. Mac and cheese. Some strange fruit compound. I am the family dog. When nobody's looking I go to my secret stash and eat something chocolate. 

I love our church. I sing. I just close my eyes and sing and all the problems and pain go away.


Monday, May 9, 2016

Vexing Extrapolatron

I feel like I want to be done with this weapon. It's reached a point of diminishing returns, like every step has started feeling forced. Like an unwanted house guest.

If I stop now, the plasma annihilator is a major departure from the vengeance cannon. No riveted panels, no green-stuffed tentacles, and no rotary tool damage. Can it work? Will it clash with all the other stuff going on?

I don't know.

These pictures may show the plasma annihilator in its finished state, ready for priming. I really don't know what to think. Does it need some extra oomph?

Is this burn out talking? And will I feel different about it tomorrow?


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Churning Rigidity

I don't have a lot to say today, so this will mostly be progress pics. I tried my hand at making the titan legion "T" on the front of the plasma annihilator. I enjoyed making the rivets this time around. After drilling the holes I glued hollow styrene rods into them, and then stuck thinner rod into the center of those.

Overall I've had more fun working on this than the vengeance cannon. It feels more risky as such an oddball design, but it's grown on me.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Precarious Normality

I'm still muddling through this weapon design. It's been important to distinguish it from the vengeance cannon. This has lead to more organic curves over the boxy, angular look of the latter. This could work. It's still in a place of uncertainty, which is not terrible. 

The extra weight is a growing concern, but the connection point is at least snug. Once I wiggle the pipes together, they are tight enough that the forward weight causes the smaller pipe to brace against the inner wall of the outer pipe. Sorry, if that's confusing-- I have trouble articulating physics.

I smashed up an electric carving knife to see if it would yield any useful bits. The ergonomic grip had some interesting curves to work with. It reminds me a bit of the old Portal gun, so there's a nice homage if it keeps going in this direction.

What comes next?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Odd Coils and Adhesive Warfare

I've probably done more thinking than actual work the past few days. The plasma annihilator is a slippery foe. It really needs to look good. It's a focal point in an already-busy model. From a compositional standpoint it's a necessary place for the eye to rest.

I don't think the plasma gun would have gantries, handrails, and hatches like the vengeance cannon. Rather, plasma is probably such a volatile weapon, no one wants to get too close if it can be helped. So the design would require a different approach. This feels very similar to last month when I was ranting about Sleek, and Minimal, and Lethal, and Things.....  

I'm adding more plasma coils. We'll see if other elements start clicking into place as work progresses. 

There was some minor damage to the front of the weapon that should be easy to repair.

Oddly relaxing project in a difficult season.