Thursday, December 18, 2008

Instruments of Chaos

oh shiii---I've discovered that I am incredibly bendable in regard to catching flying fish one-handed in the dark... Yet another reason to fear the darkness.

Today's fake recipe: Clove-Riddled Cow Hearts

Stick some cloves in a cow's heart and set on broil for 90 minutes. Saute lightly with chopped onions, and serve with a slice of lemon. (Serves 4.)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Running on Idol

another distractionI've got to stop building these models. They are infinitely fun to make, and therein lies my problem. I'm afraid they snare too much of my time and energy. So while the end result is something very cool and unique, it still manages to somehow turn in on itself.

I find myself being coaxed into an ever-narrowing channel with each new project. Every time I embark upon some new feat, a little granule gets left behind and I fear I'm losing touch. Devoured by mediocrity: the worst way to go. And it's not about finding fame and fortune. Nor the praises of peers. This is about the talents we bury in the backyard. Things like true compassion, patience, sacrifice, and integrity. And that's just for starters, kiddo.

Remember that we are surrounded by idols to small gods.

Friday, December 12, 2008

The Smell of Success

successFeeling good today. Someone bought my piece at the Ohio Art League's annual Thumb Box Exhibition. I've been running around all day trumpeting this minor victory.

Hopefully I can get into the gallery to snap some pictures before the buyer takes it home.