Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Winding Road

So no new posts in these past few weeks. What's new to tell? Work is work; relationships wax and wane; life rolls on.

And the semicolons will be there in all their illegitimate uses. Ah.

Lately I've taken vast enjoyment from noontime. It's my happy ritual: wake up, get coffee, see who's on instant messenger, and peruse the web for anything new. By the time the coffee is finished, I'm ready to start my day. Glorious ritual-- possibly one of the only perks to teaching a night class-- is sleeping in.

Take me to the beach. I need it. Badly. I need to smell the ocean, to get pulverized by those big waves, and walk away feeling triumphant. Lord, why did you put me in a landlocked city in a (mostly) landlocked state? Lake Erie doesn't really count. It's cold up there... and it's all freshwater. Ew.