Saturday, April 30, 2011

Title to be Determined


There is a place we need to see. Would you take us there for a minute?

What's it like? Well, the floor's all sugar and gravel down here, and cotton in the sky.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Carpet Guts

Laudable. Entertaining. Passionate.

Classy Class Hero.

Vanguard of Nothing and No One.

Creator Trapped in a Created World.

Too Well-Defined.

Mile a Minute.

Stalk, Talk, and Listen.

Failure to Fail.

Old Brew and Kettle Corpse.

Mingle, Tingle, and Single.

Worldquake and the Turbo Turban.


After some ape-ish prodding in the dusty innards of my computer case, I managed to get it working again. Have no idea what I did, but it started right up. Not too bad for a layman. Lucky break. Ten letters.


t e n l e t t e r s


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Philosopher's Tower

Some walking around. Some coffee. Some frozen custard. Time to cool down and stop losing my mind. Leisure-time is scary now. Almost forgot what to do with it.

Sepulchre - pronounced sey-pul-KER

Sepulchral - pronounced sey-PUL-keral

Tomb-like. Eerie places.

So back to towers:

The tower is a physical representation of an idea. Said idea is housed within the confines, or kept outside, floating above, or buried underneath. Present. Or lost in the Past, or planned for the Future.

The top can provide an unobstructed view of the surrounding area. 360 degrees of unrestricted visibility, or restricted to something narrower. Perhaps a window looking onto the idea in question?


To interpret cultural nodes through the context of a body of work.



Losing the Thread

No work today, thank goodness. I can think a little clearer now. Breathe a little deeper.

Now what was it we were talking about?

Building in chaotic realms. Nothing is static. Context in upheaval. I do not want to be in the vanguard of gentrification philosophy. No. I'll be something worse: the anti-hip. The anti-hype.