Friday, May 30, 2008

The Art Critic

art criticI've been working on a new painting these past few nights. Although it's far from finished, I had a surprise visit from a serious art critic today.

You can imagine that I was quite nervous, due to the intense level of scrutiny to which my work was being subjected. Indeed, my diminutive guest had a unique strategy of viewing art: gaze, sniff, nuzzle, repeat.

I found myself transfixed. This was a true master of art appreciation-- the discerning flick of the ear, an unimpressed lash of the tail, and the meeting was over. The verdict: I need to add more elements. The composition is too tame and predictable. And more catnip.

Resolution and Dissolution

its notLook, I made a pretty.

To everyone who used to regularly check this blog (all two of you), I apologize for not doing much in the way of an update in the past six weeks.

So why the long absence? Well, I got a job and that kept me busy for a while. But lucky for you I was laid off work yesterday-- so expect more updates! Hooray for blog!